General paediatrics consultation

A General Paediatric Consultation is a health check-up for your child or baby. It will include a thorough history taking, noting your concerns about your child’ s health and discussing any other problems.

During this consultation your child will get a complete physical examination including measurement of weight, height, blood pressure, oxygenation (saturation) and any other tests (like a urine test) if indicated.

Many parents feel that during busy out-patient clinic appointments their child does not get a thorough examination and one of the purposes of the General Paediatric Consultation is to offer the child and parents time they deserve for a complete “ MOT”.

These consultations are held in a child friendly environment of our out-patient department which is full of toys and children’s books and videos. There is usually a registered children’s nurse present during the consultation to offer your child the reassurance and distraction needed during an examination. Other sibling are also welcome during these consultations.

I also offer “well baby checks” for newborn babies and infants. Children from age of 1 to 16 are welcome in our paediatric outpatient department.


If you would like to make an appointment for a general paediatrics consultation, please contact us