Consultation for breast feeding related problems in babies

Breast milk is the best milk for a newborn baby. However a significant number of babies and mothers find it difficult to initiate or continue breast feeding. UK has one of the lowest rates of breast feeding in the world. In Scandinavian countries about 85% of babies are exclusively breast fed for first few months of life. While in UK this figure is about 25%.

Common problems encountered are:

1) Insufficient milk production- Try to put the baby to breast more frequently and avoid giving formula milk. Newborn babies do not need any water.

2) Sore nipples- make sure baby is attached well to the breast and a large part of areola goes into baby’s mouth and not just nipples.

3) Excessive crying – Make sure baby is getting enough breast milk by frequent nursing at least in first few days after birth.

4) Excessive wind – burp the baby well after each feed. Baby may have tongue tie which may need snipping.

If the above problems continue to persist your baby may need a full assessment by a paediatrician to ensure there is no other underlying serious problem to explain persistent symptoms.


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