Wheezy Infant

Recurrent wheeze, cough, shortness of breath and rattly chest are common symptoms in young infants and toddlers. They are more common in colder months of the year and may follow an episode of viral bronchiolitis.

After an attack of Viral bronchiolitis infant may be left with chronic cough and wheeze; this is not asthma. These symptoms are usually exacerbated by cold or a minor infection. These infants are generally happy and growing well.

Wheeze in an infant may be because of variety of causes including but not limited to gastro esophagial reflux, allergy, exposure to smoke or infection.

Treatment is targeted towards the cause of wheeze, but many infants will require symptomatic treatment with bronchodilators.

Most infants with wheeze grow out of their symptoms by the time they start school, but some may go on to develop Asthma.

It is important to avoid bottle feeding an infant in lying down position to prevent recurrent infections.


If your infant has or may have symptoms of wheeziness and you would like to make a private appointment to find out more, please contact me