Constipation is a common problem in childhood.It occurs in about 10% of children but only 3% of parents seek medical advice. It is described as infrequent passage of stools. It can also cause hard stools, but not always. Painful passage of stools is a common symptom.In some children constipation can cause blood in the stools, or blood may be seen on tissues while wiping the bottom.Many children pass infrequent stools particularly exclusively breast fed babies may not open the bowel for few days.This is not abnormal. Usually in children passage of stool less often than 3 days is considered as constipation.


Mainstay of treatment of constipation is increase amount of fibre and fluid in diet.In addition most children will require medications. Some children with chronic constipation may require prolonged period of treatment for up to 2/3 years.


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